Sesame Street Expansion Officially Coming To SeaWorld Orlando Next Year

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment for SeaWorld Orlando officially announced their plans yesterday for the expansion of Sesame Street is coming towards the park. Originally plans were slated for a Fall 2022 opening for the children-television series of Sesame Street but, plans got bumped early for some point in 2019 (most likely spring) to be open up towards the public.

SeaWorld and Sesame Street have a multi-year deal until December 2031 and will draw many families with kids of their own based off the television series towards SeaWorld Orlando and the third park that were created by The Jim Henson Company.

SesameStreetSeaWorld Orlando

Concept art release for the Sesame Street expansion for Spring 2019. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)

The expansion will be replacing “Shamu’s Happy Harbor” and will be featuring popular set location from the children-television series that will include; Mr Hooper’s store, Big Bird’s nest, and 123 stoop as well including wet and dry play areas for younger children and other attractions too.

SeaWorld Orlando will be hosting its first ever daily parade of the IP of Sesame Street that is featured down below.

Parade Oscar1

First hand look of the Sesame Street parade featuring an Oscar the Grouch float. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando) 

“We are excited to transport our guests into the colorful and creative world of Sesame Street through immersive theming, character interactions and interactive play,” said SeaWorld Orlando President Jim Dean in a statement. The expansion will be a 6-acre take over of “Shamu’s Happy Harbor” and SeaWorld decline to further comment of how much the expansion will be cost.

The company has been going through some tough leadership changes ever since former CEO, Joel Manby announced his resignation back in February of this year and under go its first interim CEO, John T. Reilly for the leading face for the company.

SeaWorld has been partnership with Sesame Workshop for the past 37 years which a nonprofit organization to help educate kids in the works of media for becoming smarter, stronger, and kinder. Langhorne, PA is the only theme park in the United States that is the home of many beloved Sesame Street characters.

With the opening of Sesame Street next year and construction is currently underway right now in which competition will be heating up for Orlando’s “theme park wars”. The other big named companies for Walt Disney World Resort opening up Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a brand new Harry Potter coaster at Islands of Adventure next year and plans for the popular gaming company of Nintendo at Universal Orlando Resort with no subject opening date yet.

Guests can visit SeaWorld Orlando official site at for more further information. For everything SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at

Source: Orlando Sentinel


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