SeaWorld Orlando Releases New Concept Art For Infinity Falls

During a media guided tour today, in which SeaWorld Orlando and creative teams have been hard at work in bringing a brand new and record-breaking water raft attraction called “Infinity Falls”. This will be Seaworld Parks & Entertainment’s first and the world’s first “tallest river rapids drop” that drops guests in a water plummet of a 40-foot tall drop that is themed after a rainforest.

SeaWorld Orlando has officially released some new concept art and putting “Infinity Falls” into a better perspective and what guests can experience when it opens up some point for Summer 2018.

Stats IF

Statistics for the layout for “Infinity Falls”. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)

Loading Station

Loading station for “Infinity Falls”. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)



The lift hill for “Infinity Falls” that will be the first for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)


Whitewater Supply gift shop in which SeaWorld said it, will be open up very soon. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)


“Infinity Falls” Logo. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando)


Check out the trailer down below and for everything SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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