Universal Orlando Guests Can Limited Preview The New Show For Cinematic Celebration

Last night for the July 4th holiday over at Universal Orlando Resort and guests were taken by surprise and in which, Universal surprised them with their brand new show that they announced previously near the Central Park area of the park where their lagoon is.

As of right now and guests can preview, “Cinematic Celebration” for Universal’s technical rehearsals since it’s still in development before the final product is finally out for the new lagoon show. This new show is inspired by Universal Orlando’s blockbuster franchises and attractions being projected on water screens, like you’re watching a movie with; colorful projection mapping , pyrotechnics and more than 120 water fountains scattered across the lagoon.


“Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” in development for this summer. Source: (©Universal Orlando)

Now is their some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of “what is a technical rehearsal?” and Universal has addressed those questions:

  • What is a technical rehearsal?
    Technical rehearsal is a time for us to offer a limited number of guests the opportunity to preview our newest show as we make finishing touches in preparation for its official opening.
  • What can I expect during technical rehearsal?
    During technical rehearsal, “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” will open on a limited, unscheduled basis. Also, some of its elements may not be operational as we continue to test and refine all technical aspects of the show.
  • What are operating hours for “Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration” during technical rehearsal?
    Operating hours will not be set in advance and will vary as the show opens on a limited, unscheduled basis.
  • What can I experience during a technical rehearsal?
    During the technical rehearsal, you may be able to experience the entire show or certain elements as we work on putting the finishing touches on the show. Please keep in mind some elements of the show may not be operational as we continue to test and refine all technical aspects.


No official confirmation date of when the grand opening of when “Cinematic Celebration” will debut this summer and keep posted on Universal Orlando Resort’s blog for updates and their social media channels as well.

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Source: Universal Orlando Resort


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