Walt Disney World Will Be Introducing A Revamped System For Tickets At The Parks

No matter what time of year you’re planning on vacationing towards the “Happiest Place in the World” at Walt Disney World and guests want to feel right at home to make their stay enjoyable and easier for them. Even though affording a Disney vacation can tend to get expensive but, something new is coming for whenever you book you’re next Disney vacation.


New changes are coming this October for better customization and tailoring options at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

This coming Oct. 16 on Disney’s official website where you normally go and purchase tickets to get access inside of the park will be introducing a brand new system that will tailor towards guests for their needs and giving them personalized options. Disney has stated that, “These changes are designed to simplify the booking experience, give guests an enhanced way to purchase theme park tickets and help them more easily plan the Disney vacation of their dreams.”

Now it may sound confusing at first and the reason is because the parks are growing in ever popularity for new additions coming down the pipeline even for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios opening up Late Fall 2019 as an example.

The revamped system coming soon will give guests to help them making informed decisions for whatever Walt Disney World theme parks they wanna choose to do. An interactive online calendar will display different prices on the dates, when guests choose to visit and this also applies towards international visitors too and will need to be used during a specific time period. The calendar also gives guests a quick look ahead to see the lowest-priced days within a month time frame.

Take the example such as prices will be lower for off-peak season when the parks aren’t going to tend to be busy or what the week will be like.

Once your tickets are purchased while you’re still planning your Disney vacation on their site and the My Disney Experience, in which guests will be guided for different phases and steps of personalizing their vacation, depending the travel party’s unique interests.

Also to take mention and something brand new in which, guests can modify their tickets that will be prior towards their start date online. If you change you’re ticket towards a different date with a higher ticket price and guests will be sorely responsible to pay the price difference. Refunds will be not accepted if guests change their minds and go back towards lower ticket prices.

Disney did not confirm or provide any further details for how this will affect visitors or locals with annual pass holders and hopefully will shed some light on this subject matter. These updates are only for Walt Disney World only and be sure to check out the information video in explaining more about this new system.

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Source: Disney Attractions Magazine 


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