Epcot’s Nighttime Classic ‘Illuminations: Reflections of Earth’ To Be Replaced At Walt Disney World

As Disney is undergoing major construction for the transformation of Epcot at Walt Disney World for its upcoming 50th anniversary with new additions such as the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, Ratatouille from Disneyland Paris and many more. Disney is promising to make the park- “more timeless, more family friendly, more Disney” to enhance the park and attempting to stay true towards the original vision of what Epcot stands for.


“Illuminations Reflection of Earth” will travel across the world one last time in Summer 2019.

However though, in which today Disney made the official announcement and in which many guests saw this day coming for the classic nighttime spectacular for “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” will be replaced. After a 20-year run of representing the countries around the World Showcase lagoon with that timeless music, fireworks, fire torches and which this classic nighttime show will be ending its run in the second half of next year (Summer 2019).

“Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” has been cherished and kept millions of guests entertained since its first debut back in October 1999 as part of Walt Disney World’s Millennium Celebration. Disney has not released any new details of what kind this new show will be like or when it will be opening up.

Epcot would be the same position as the Magic Kingdom for losing nighttime entertainment like the loss of the “Main Street Electric Light Parade” and Epcot would be under a dry spell for no new nighttime entertainment. Unless, Disney were able to put in an interim nighttime show to keep their guests entertainment minus the cycle of the park’s festivals for each season and would be better than nothing.

Also in addition for Epcot’s transformation of the upcoming and new table service restaurant (that will be space-themed) to be adjacent towards Mission: Space (despite from other media sites are saying) that will be coming down the pipeline.

More details for Epcot and “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” for what’s replacing it are TBA and let us know you’re thoughts of this nighttime classic being replaced!

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Source: Disney


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