Walt Disney World Debuts Their New Online Platform Ticketing System

As it was reported last month by Disney in which their new online system platform would roll out and in which it did today for Walt Disney World. Now tickets will be dated-based for their pricing structure for the park tickets. You don’t have to worry and still order you’re tickets the normal way through cast members via guests relations on the phone, at the park gate, or you’re friendly neighborhood travel agent. However, things are going to be different for this new change of tickets pricing for the resort, so let’s breakdown this down shall we?

Guests will be using an interactive calendar that the prices will reflect on the date you’re planning on going to the parks. So here’s where it gets interesting.

A one-day park ticket for all four parks has now an increased range of $109 to $129 and which originally for the most popular Disney World park of the Magic Kingdom was $109, $119, and now $129. The old pricing range was $102 and $129, depending the season schedule. Disney gave different examples for this ticket price structure,

“For instance, it says that a one-day ticket for Magic Kingdom earmarked for Dec. 25, 2018, has not changed, whereas tickets that cover July 4, 2019 — as part of a six-day deal— would go up $3 per day per person.”

Weekends are more higher park tickets versus going on a weekday but, as noted in general speaking terms that prices are always increased on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and has been heavy high traffic at the parks. The new platform will link towards the months with lowest ticket prices based off the months of; January, February, April, August and September.

Disney has stated for the pricing changes are, “part of our broader efforts to better spread attendance throughout the year, and is intended to help us improve and deliver a great experience for our guests.”.

Now here’s some of the breakdown of prices for multi-day park hopper park tickets that range from $164-$184 for a one-day ticket as previously before.

  • 2- days: $133 – $152 (old: $137)
  • 3- days: $120 – $136 ($123)
  • 4- days: $112 – $128 ($114)
  • 5- days: $93 – $106 ($94)
  • 6- days: $79 – $90 ($80)
  • 7- days: $69 – $79 ($70)
  • 8- days: $62 – $71 ($63)
  • 9- days: $56 – $64 ($57)

Also to note that flexible tickets are available for, the highest price ticket and tickets must be used within 14 days of first use and before December 31st, 2019. Check out the chart down below that explains it a bit more in detail.


Disney’s newest pricing ticket structure that rolled out today. Source: (©Disney)

What Disney’s overall goal of what their trying to achieve with this new platform to have smoother crowds for park attendance throughout the course of the year and to inform their guests to pick and choose between busy and less busier seasons at the parks. Also to mention that annual passholder prices have increased as well and you can check it out by reading it here.

Check the video down below in explaining the changes by Disney for this new platform and for everything Disney Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com

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Source: Orlando Sentinel Theme Park Insider 


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