Universal Studios Singapore Will Be Getting Both “Minions” and Super Nintendo World Expansions

Universal Studios Parks in Asia will getting some big additions and developments for the company’s theme park division for Universal Studios. With information being quiet lately, since Universal announced their plans back in 2016 and their new partnership with the gaming company of Nintendo to have an expansion at most of their Universal Parks & Resorts. This includes Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando, and Osaka.

Universal Studios is currently building their next park in Beijing, China and nothing has been confirmed at this point if they will get the same “Super Nintendo World” treatment as well. Scheduled to be opening up some point in Spring 2021.

Originally, the United States Universal Studios Parks and Japan were announced to have the Nintendo expansion plans and then the news dropped out of nowhere and Universal Studios Singapore will getting the same “Super Nintendo World” and “Minions” from Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me expansions. “Minions” is currently open at Universal Studios Osaka, Japan as it draws a lot of family friendly crowds based off the highly blockbuster success from the animation studio that created the film.

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) announced yesterday, some big news to have an expansion of 50 per cent of their new gross floor area, with an addition of 164,000 sq meters of new attractions, entertainment, and lifestyle offerings. “Super Nintendo World” and “Minions” will the most anticipated and highly immersive themed lands for the park.

Based off the concepts, that this will be multi-year phased operation of the park in Singapore. With new experiences every year from 2020 to a projected completion around 2025.

Here’s what Resorts World Sentosa had to say for the “Minions” expansion for Universal Studios Singapore:

“Inspired by Illumination’s blockbuster Despicable Me franchise that has captured the hearts of people of all ages, there’s no way you won’t be able to recognise these adorable yellow minions. The star of Minion Park is none other than Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, an award-winning, immersive motion-simulator 3D thrill ride.”

“This humorous and heartwarming ride already is already located in four other Universal Studios theme parks around the world. Other attractions, including dining areas and merchandise shops, will also be included in the Minion Park.”

This will be replacing the Madagascar area from Dreamworks Animation.


Concept Art For “Minions” coming towards Universal Studios Singapore. Source: (©Universal Studios/©Illumination Entertainment) 


“Super Nintendo World” will be leveling up guests and coming towards Universal Studios Singapore. Source: (©Universal Studios/©Nintendo)

“Super Nintendo World” will not only the most highly anticipated expansion at Universal Parks & Resorts and to bring some of the most recognized characters like Mario, Lugi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser and more towards the parks but, the immersive lands that Universal will be creating.

“Nintendo’s globally popular games, characters and action packed adventure thrills are coming to Singapore in the form of an immersive theme park environment as well.”

“A larger than-life Nintendo adventure” is how Super Nintendo World has been described by RWS.

Nothing has been announced for what attractions will come towards Singapore’s Nintendo but, so far the attractions that have been rumored are “Mario Kart”, “Donkey Kong” and “Yoshi” for the United States and Japan.

Universal Creative will be working with game designer/producer of Mario, producer  Shigeru Miyamoto along with President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury to adapt fan favorite Nintendo games towards real life.

Universal Studios Singapore open up its doors back in 2010 and it’s the least visited Universal Studios park in the world but, has topped “25 Theme Parks In The World” for guest attendance.

More details are to be announced at a later date and Nintendo is going to official take over Universal Parks & Resorts worldwide.

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Source: Business Insider Theme Park Insider


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