Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Debut “Rivers Of Light: We Are One” This Summer

“Rivers Of Light” debuted two years ago at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World as a nighttime show that is filled with water projections of wildlife, illuminated lantern floats, and a musical score with innovative special effects.


Artist Concept Only for “Rivers of Light: We Are One” to debut this Summer 2019. Source: (©Disney)

Disney announced its next chapter for this nighttime show, “Rivers of Life: We Are One” and here’s what they had to say about it:

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” introduces additional, stunning imagery and familiar animal characters from Disneynature films, along with a colorful tapestry of classic moments from Disney animation, to express our connection with animals and the emotions and milestones we all share in our journey through the great circle of life.”

The score for “Rivers of Light: We Are One” will weave together the original musical score and familiar Disney themes that creates a powerful arrangement that will inspire guests in moments of; discovery, fun, friendship, fear, love and family.

The next chapter of “Rivers of Light” debuts on Memorial Day Weekend 2019, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Discovery River Amphitheater that is right next towards Expedition Everest.

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Source: Disney


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