New Concept Art Released And Details For The Play! Pavilion Coming To Epcot Announced D23 Expo 2019

As it was announced earlier this year that Disney was about to tackle a huge project for transformation the future of Epcot at Walt Disney World. One of the huge plans that was announced was the redesign of the former Wonders of Life pavilion and also utilizes events for Epcot’s festivals. That new concept will be called the PLAY! pavilion as Disney said it will be a “innovative city” to have immersive experiences and your favorite Disney characters.


Artist Concept Only for the PLAY! pavilion to Epcot’s overhaul transformation. Source: (©Disney)

Here’s some more of those details in what you can expect for the PLAY! pavilion.

“Discover an interactive city bursting with games, activities and experiences that connect you with friends, family and beloved Disney characters – both real and virtual – like never before. As part of this new pavilion, you’ll have the chance to help legendary fashion icon Edna Mode on her quest to rid the world of uninspired style, or make a splash competing in a water-balloon fight hosted by Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby.”

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Source: Disney



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