New Concept Art For Space 220 Restaurant Coming To Epcot Announced At D23 Expo 2019

As it was announced at the last D23 Expo back in 2017 and where a space themed restaurant is heading towards Epcot and will be adjacent from the Mission: Space attraction as part of this expansion.

The name wasn’t given at the time but, details did confirm last year and will be called “Space 220” that will be run by the Patina Restaurant Group who operates a good majority of Disney’s on site restaurants.


Artist Concept Only for Space 220 coming to Epcot.

Here’s what Disney had to say more that announced at the Parks & Resorts panel today:

“Featuring the celestial panorama of a space station, including daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up. You’ll board a special elevator for a journey to a space station that is home to an incredible dining experience. Along the way, viewports will give you a real-time perspective as you travel high above the planet. Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy fantastic meals and drinks while taking in views that are truly out of this world.”

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Source: Disney



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