Concept Art Released From D23 Expo 2019 For Space 220 Restaurant Coming To Epcot At Walt Disney World

The brand new space themed restaurant for “Space 220” has been in the works for a while since it was announced at the D23 Expo back in 2017. This interactive and immersive restaurant will be located and adjacent near the Mission: Space attraction and near Test Track at Epcot.

Artist Concept Only for the overview for Space 220 restaurant coming to Epcot at Walt Disney World. Source: (© Disney)

If you have been following the development for “Space 220” restaurant as it will be run and operated by the Patina Restaurant Group that owns some of your favorite restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Disney released an overview piece of concept art that was previously shared at the Disney Parks panel at the D23 Expo this year back in August and showing guests the depth and immersiveness of when they dine inside of the restaurant.

Artist Concept Only for the space elevator illusion for Space 220 coming Epcot at Walt Disney World. Source: (© Disney/© Marvel)

Just to recap of what guests can expect for those details that will be a meal out of this world!:

“Step into a special space elevator that will take you 220 miles above the earth’s surface and offer incredible celestial views. You’ll feel as if you’re traveling straight up into space to dock next to the Centauri Space Station suspended just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE. Upon arrival, you will be guided to your seats past the grow zone, a spinning wall of produce that mimics Earth’s gravity and represents some of the fresh ingredients used by the restaurant’s culinary team.”

Space 220 was originally scheduled to be opening up for this month in December and has been delayed in being rumored opening up some point in February 2020 or ideal opening up on February 2nd, 2020 as hence the name of the restaurant.

Stay tuned and posted when Disney released those official details for the opening date of the restaurant coming to Epcot. This just an experience that is being part of the massive project overhaul for the park that was also shared previously at the D23 Expo this year and can check out those details here to recap them.

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Source: Disney



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