Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates 15 Years Of “Magical Dreams” For The Resort’s Anniversary

Hong Kong Disneyland has come a long way for the big changes and transformation for the resort as today marked it’s 15th anniversary since the resort opened up back on September 12th, 2005. The resort has faced some hardships in the past with guest attendance but, now has dedicated the new redesigned “Castle of Magical Dreams” as we’ve been covering the ongoing transformation for the castle that represents the 13 Disney princesses roster.

Plenty of new merchandise, food options, décor and much more has been transformed for the resort! So lets dive into it!

Castle of Magical Dreams:

The redesigned castle was officially named at the last year’s D23 Expo but, has been in development since 2017 for the transformation of the castle. The castle is inspire by the Disney princesses and queens that offers towards Hong Kong Disneyland’s guests for the towers and spires as Disney has detailed:

“Embracing iconic patterns, textures, colors unique to each heroine’s story. This is the first time at any Disney theme park that a castle has shifted from being representative of only one princess to featuring multiple heroines – highlighting the diversity of our unique characters and their stories.”

Representation of different cultures with architectural inspirations from Europe, China, and even Southeast Asia. While guests will not see a complete depiction of the princess or queen’s image, interpretations of each can be found in various architectural elements. Guests can keep on the look out for details on the castle such as; Snow White’s apple, Abu, Mushu, and Merida’s bow and arrow on the top of the towers. Murals depicting each princess and queen pursuing their passions can be found around the area, each reflecting deep research on the time periods that the heroines hail from. For example, Cinderella can be seen taking a hot air balloon ride over her kingdom, Aurora is dabbling in falconry, and Ariel is braving the seas on a sailboat to visit her underwater family.

The center focal point is breathe taking and beautifully designed stain glass window with the representation of the Disney princesses (many would come to think of it from the popular video game Kingdom Hearts) as the resort invited guests, cast members, community partners and Disney friends, including Mickey Mouse, to share their own dreams and wishes on “magical dream cards.” These cards were collected in a treasure chest, and lifted to the top of the tallest tower in the castle ensuring that the heart of the resort will always be filled with hopes and dreams.

Source: (© Disney)

Originally for some years, Hong Kong Disneyland had a similar clone copy of Sleeping Beauty’s castle of the original at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and now the new redesigned castle pays homage to “the original” Sleeping Beauty Castle, Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather can now be seen spreading fairy dust across the castle’s breezeway, casting light into the chandeliers, and leading the way to a new rotunda featuring 9,000 points of dancing light.

Source: (© Disney)

The castle stands today as a beacon for inspiring guests of courage, hope and possibility for all of the resort’s guests.

Guests can also check out an small exhibit inside of the park from Walt Disney Imagineering, entitled; “Building a Dream – The Magic behind a Disney Castle” at Hong Kong Disneyland” about the creative design process for the castle and behind the scenes look.

And here’s some shots of the castle between day and nighttime:

For those who missed out on the dedication ceremony and check out the photos and video clips down below! The resort was dedicated from Resort Managing Director Stephanie Young within languages of English and Cantonese.

New Character Costumes:

Since it’s an anniversary year for Hong Kong Disneyland and wouldn’t be completed without some new costume attire for the resort’s favorite Disney friends, including the iconic duo of Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Check them out:

Even Duffy & his friends also join in for the fun, in their new winter attire!


From when guests first enter the resort and all the way up towards the park as guests will be dazzled with the gorgeous decor they have prepared with bright and vibrant colors.

Check them out down below:

Guests can also swing by the at Hysan Place, Lee Theatre Plaza, and Lee Garden Two around Hong Kong itself! They can also take special photos due towards the anniversary promotion and the Christmas season.

Also since it’s the 15th anniversary as specialty tickets will be given to guests when they purchase admission into the park:

Live Entertainment:

It wouldn’t be an anniversary year without some new entertainment by Disney and here’s some new live entertainment that guests expect for Hong Kong:

Mickey and his friends will be all dazzled out out in their 15th anniversary attire, along with the Disney Princesses aboard the Main Street Express for small street side performance. The Disney Friends will also appear around the park, as guests can do safe and socially distanced selfie photos.

Source: (© Disney)

Mickey and his friends with guests favorite selected characters in their 15th anniversary attire. They will be joined by dancers, magicians, balloon twisters, the Jammitors and the Disneyland Band, that are all decked out in their special anniversary costumes.

When the magic begins, one lucky guest and their family may be invited to help the Disney characters open the park. for another entertainment option for “Magical 15th Party Beats” will take place in the morning at rope drop and in the afternoon at the anniversary Castle Hub to provide some magical surprise moments for the guests.

Anniversary Merchandising & Food Products:

One the biggest draws towards any Disney park anniversary year is the anniversary themed merchandise and food products that guests can enjoy and take home with them. Some of the merch was shown off previously and for those who missed it, can check it out down below for when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland:

Resort Hotels:

Hong Kong Disneyland’s resort hotels will also be jazzed out with the 15th anniversary decorations when guests are staying on-resort from the moment they walk into the reception lobby area, check in’s and anniversary TV-messaging with a complimentary towel, art ornament when guests enter their hotel room. For those who are staying at a deluxe room option or above, will be getting a limited-edition amenity boxes will offer a pampering experience to sit back and relax.

Source: (© Disney)

For guest families with children that are ages 12 and older staying at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney Explorer’s Lodge can also partake in free or upcharge DIY arts and crafts classes to make special 15th anniversary decorations. The free classes will offer for guests as they can make a themed castle photo frame, a 15th anniversary 3D postcard or a Disney friends twisting pen holder.

As some other important information to note:

For those who want to part take in an upcharge arts and crafts activities at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where guests can make either a leather card holder for HK$250 ($32.25 USD) or an eco bag for HK$180 ($23.22 USD). Guests partaking in these classes can also win a free magnet card (now until January 3rd, 2021), a postcard (January 4th-June 30th, 2021), or a temporary tattoo sticker (July 1st-August 31st, 2021).

Source: (© Disney)

Due towards the resort had to shut down twice and reopen up because of the pandemic and this anniversary year for 15 years of “Magical Dreams” will be kicking off on November 21st, 2020 as Disney hasn’t officially announce the end date for the anniversary run. Hopefully this will encourage global travel and tourism towards Penny’s Bay for a boost as this a big achievement and milestone towards the resort and for The Walt Disney Company!

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