Disney Looks Ahead For Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary Coming October 1st, 2021

Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary has felt like it’s been on the minds for Disney fans across the globe for years now for them eagerly awaiting new updates and well they got that sprinkle of pixie dust wish . As revealed on Friday from ABC’s Good Morning America of Disney as the parent company that owns the network, revealed new details for this very big milestone for the resort.

Walt Disney World’s official 50th anniversary logo! Source: (© Disney)

The “World’s Most Magical Celebration” according to Disney will be celebrated at all of it’s four theme parks with their in-park icons, as Disney’s teams have been long hard at work to give that Disney flair in the day and nighttime. The 50th anniversary will be lasting 18 months for this dazzling celebration.

Starting off in which Disney’s Magic Kingdom was the main focus as recent for Cinderella’s Castle got the whole new make over for it’s new color scheme that was completed last summer. Now will be decorated with it’s 50th anniversary flair to feature gold bunting and the 50th anniversary logo crest.

Here’s a before and after look of the transformation on the castle:

Artist Concept Only for Disney’s Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary. Source: (© Disney)

When the evening hits, as the rest of the park icons will be transformed into “Beacons of Magic” as shown in the concept art down below:

Artist Concept Only for Disney’s Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary. Source: (© Disney)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will be getting some special touches to!

Artist Concept Only for Disney’s Hollywood Studios for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror with 50th anniversary magic. Source: (© Disney)

EPCOT is still undergoing it’s massive transformation and won’t be left behind for the 50th anniversary fun. Spaceship Earth will be getting brand new “permeant” yes that’s correct of you reading that right of brand new lights to reflect off the panels of the park’s icon to resembling the stars of the nighttime sky.

Artist Concept Only for EPCOT of Spaceship Earth for the 50th anniversary. Source: (© Disney)

And finally at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be getting some magic of nature as projected fireflies will be on the Tree of Life and being much similar of when the “Tree of Life Awakening” show was around at the park.

Artist Concept Only for the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the upcoming 50th anniversary. Source: (© Disney)

Of course one thing to note and couldn’t forget the iconic duo of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as of the grand hosts of the big anniversary celebration. These two legendary icons will be getting a fashion upgrade for their “EARidescent” outfits with gold highlights on their fabrics.

Take a look for yourself!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their brand new 50th anniversary outfits with some colorful and dazzling fabric. Source: (© Disney)

Check out the video down below for what guests and cast members are looking forward to for the 50th anniversary at Walt Disney World Resort and what it means to them:

For now this the latest update we got in a long time for the 50th anniversary and still more to come at a later given time and stay tuned!

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Source: Disney


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