Universal Beijing Resort Will Be A Three Stage Phase Towards The Park’s Grand Opening

What was originally suppose to be a grand opening previously for Universal Beijing Resort for May 2021, as that is no longer the case. This will be one of the largest parks that has ever been invested within the company.

The resort right now is progressing steadily for it’s plans. Based off the success of Universal Parks & Resorts globally for their openings, and is also a combination of China’s theme park industry. Universal Beijing Resort shared the pre-opening preprations into three different stages.

The first phase as Universal Beijing Resort internal staff were invited to particape in stress tests. This was a multi-scene test to continuously improve the operation process. Also to enhance the visitor experience. The second phase is open the trial operation and invite partners and invited guests to participate in the operation test. The third and final phase is getting it all ready for the grand opening.

Source: (© Universal Beijing Resort)

According to Wall Street China as the resort is rumored to be opening up on July 10th (that date is seem to be unlikely now). The resort is doing a lot of work in trying to get the park up and running as possible. More than 10,000 team members have participated in the preparations for the opening of the park. As it joined various simulation services and pressure closed testing. In order to obtain most realistic results for the guest-hand experience and they need enhance the service and experience of visitors.

Over the past few months in working with the join efforts of the goverment departments, partners and staff, Universal has made a lot of progress. In terms of talent recruitment and training, catering services, entertainment performances, park greening and other aspects. The amount of team members on duty and have completed various professional training.

After the park’s opening and will still need prep work to do.

Food and beverage outlets have brought dozens towards the resort that have been tested for simulated service and operation. Universal CityWalk Avenue in Beijing has a team of chefs and has come up 266 new dishes and drinks.

On the entertainment side of things as more than 10,000 costumes have been specially designed and produced for 24 peformances and entertainment activities. More than 1,000 cast members continued to rehearse seven days a week since February. As they are trying to deliver that high quality experience.

On-resort hotels for both Universal Studios Hotel and Nuo Jin Resort have already invited staff to bring their familes to try out the experience. Including restaurants and bars of the two hotels have been opened to staff.

Source: (© Beijing Daily)

“All of these efforts are focused on the continuous refinement of the visitor experience after the grand opening”

Tom Mehrmann, General Manager of the Theme Park and Resort Management branch of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd

Mehrmann has stated the pressure closed test at this stage is “critical” and the park will lead up towards the grand opening. Ensuring the premise that the operation is ready to achieve Universal’s consistent high-quality service in all directions. The Beijing resort also notes no opening dates or ticket information have been released. Including no tickets have been sold to the general public and information for ticket pricing. Everything is just pure speculation at this point.

Source: (© Universal Beijing Resort)

Somehow as guests can buy the so-called “trial operation” experience ticket. It’s basically like a 3rd party paying or a “internal ticket” that is pre-sale on the market. Universal made sure for their guests to be cautious for the relevant risks if they do get this type of ticket.

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Source: The Paper China Weixin


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