Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge Gets New Details Announced For The Disney Wish

The galaxy far, far away is growing even bigger but this time onboard a cruise ship. As we know the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be very expensive at Walt Disney World however something relaxing and space like will be on the Disney Wish. The Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge will be the first ever themed bar for the Disney Cruise Line and some new details were shared that guests can expect.

(Source: © Disney/© Lucasfilm)

The setting will give fans of the franchise different vibes from the numerous films within the Star Wars universe. It will be a high-end bar to that is founded onboard such as Dryden Vos yacht ship from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Also from Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Canto Bight’s casinos as well. Shimmering metallic details and rich leathers will give theme parks fans as a reminder, like it’s something from Oga’s Cantina. Even the cantina that is rundown and the hive within Mos Eisley.

Now the location will be located not far from Disney’s Grand Hall and from the giant chandelier by the atrium. Walt Disney Imagineering has depicted each detail towards a highly immersive space lounge. Guests will pass beneath a metallic gold lined archway and into a black antechamber. If you expect space doors just like the films, then the lounge will have it.

If you’re a Star Wars Rebels fan as the Ghost, the ship owned by Twi’lek Hera will be a rotating holographic model ship part of the lounge. The giant “space window” will be a jaw dropping high definition screen that will be displaying as it was shared previously, for the numerous planets and ships. Planets from Tatooine, Mustafar, Coruscant, and the Forest Moon of Endor. Imagineering is working with Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic to showcase highlight reels and new additions towards the franchise.

Expect ships like The Razorcrest from “The Mandalorian”, Ace Squardon fighters and even the Halcyon. The planets will switch every 7 to 10 minutes with hyperspace jumps in between. It was important to note that guests do not wanna get motion sickness based off of the visuals on screen. The scenes move on the portside screen and making it move left to right. The decision was made to made sideways versus head on.

Now the goodie stuff and what you expect to drink and hang out at the lounge? Colorful liquids and custom bottles like Bubblers will be a eye catcher towards guests. Beer taps that look like works of art and giving nods to each planet of where they come from. Similar like Oga’a Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and will have interactive tastings for adults in the evenings.

Also the score of the franchise that is done by the legendary composer. John Williams for what his work is known for is part of it. During the evening as Williams score will transform more into “cantina” style music.

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Source: Attractions Magazine


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