Ultron To Join ‘Avengers: Quantum Encounter’ For The Disney Wish Dining Experience

As we learned previously that the first ever Marvel dining experience will be the Worlds of Marvel all together. This all new immersive type of experience will be center on Ant-Man and The Wasp. It will be the most ambitious project ever done and to assemble with some of Earth’s mightest and smallest heroes. A larger-than-life showcase of revolutionary quantum technology and world-class cuisine.

(Source: © Disney/© Marvel)

Guests onboard the Disney Wish as the newest ship to set sail on June 9th, 2022 will dine with dishes inspired by several Marvel locations. They will consist of New York, Sokovia, and Wakanda. However we did get some new details that will certain please a lot of MCU fans. The story will be around couple organizations within the franchise. Pym Technologies, WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade), the Wakandan Design Group, and Stark Industries. 

Showcasing a demonstration of Quantum Technology that well…unfortunately goes the wrong way.

The villian as you may know as Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron just like how he crashed the Avengers party in the film. Now he will be crashing yours on the Disney Wish, as both Captian America and Marvel will come to help out their fellow heroes.

This is one of many dining locations onboard the brand new ship that will be all ready to go for Summer 2022.

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Source: Travel Pulse


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