‘Disney Uncharted Adventure’ Announced For An Interactive Experience Coming To The Disney Wish

With the countless of activites to do and so much more, that is coming towards the Disney Wish as something total new was announced by Disney. A brand new interactive experience called “Disney Uncharted Adventure” is a complete journey from the bow towards the stern and more. It will be using innovative technology with augmented reality and physical effects.

It will take classic Disney storytelling towards all-new heights of immersive family fun, as guests embark on a multidimensional voyage. It will feature worlds such as Moana, Tiana, Peter Pan, Nemo and more. Before you embark on your quest, as both Captain Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse will help you out before your journey ahead. By highlighting the important role of the night sky in seafaring, particularly the ever-shining wishing star that lights the way.

The experience will be supported on the Play Disney Parks mobile app on your smartphone devices, and for those who don’t have one can share a device up to six devices. It will monitor and controls the flow on the ship, as guests may be sent towards different areas on the ship to complete the same quest.

Source: (© Disney)

Once your onboard the Disney Wish as you’ll use a spyglass to reveal never before seen views above where, enchanted constellations take shape as recognizable icons from Disney and Pixar stories. The wishing star suddenly burts and shatters, as you’ll watch the pieces scattered across the sky into a far-off realm. Captain Minnie will need guest’s assistance to help navigate the ship to these uncharted worlds to find the missing pieces of the wishing star.

Different Disney worlds on this expansive journey as guests throughout the Disney Wish. Guests will seek artwork, signs and props that will magically transform the characters and settings to life.

They consist of Moana’s Motunui, to Sydney and the East Australian Current from Finding Nemo, to the New Orleans bayou of The Princess and the Frog. For example when players visit Tiana’s kitchen in New Orleans, and follow her instructions for certain ingredients on their devices. Then moving their device to pour out hot sauce and then move it once again to stir the pot. It’s a full on co-op experience and not competitive.

The grand finale will be hosted at one the of the ship’s premier entertainment venues. It will be a interactive live experience, as players will battle it out against an infamous Disney villian. The objective is to restore the wishing star to its rightful place in the sky. Once the quest is completed, either guests can continue towards the next location or take a break for later.

The whole focus for this experience was designed for flexibility, replayability and customization in mind. It won’t take up large amounts of time for whatever family have plans for the day.

If guests play constantly as guests can find new suprises and rewards each time. Either can be solo or play with family and friends.

More details will be shared for Disney Uncharted Adventure will be shared at a later given time. The Disney Wish sets sail on June 9th, 2022 as part of the Disney Cruise Line.

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Source: Disney Attractions Magazine


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