The Lion King: Rhythms Of The Pride Lands Returns Back To Disneyland Paris On October 23rd

As more entertainment is roaring it’s way back to Disneyland Paris as, the resort announced that a guest favorite and iconic show “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands” is set to debut on October 23rd. It’s a 30-minute show with high energy choreography and original costumes. The adventures of Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa are brought to life by singers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists.

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Performances are held daily that are located at the Frontierland Theater at the park. Re-orchestrated by Disneyland Paris, guests can experience again with The Lion King with every favorite moment and all of the legendary music.

However their is a twist if you want to see the show. With the recent introduction of Premier Access that rolled out across the resort, in which their will be a paid “guaranteed access”. Now being available to guests, as the service allows to choose and reserve the performance time they wish to choose. It will give granted access and be booked through different options. Either on the Disneyland Paris app, the resort’s main site or by calling the booking office. It can also be purchased on-site at a dedicated location to the left of City Hall at the park.

Source: (© Disney)

Disney did confirm it will still remain free of charge (subject to capacity) as it’s optional if you want to pay your way to see The Lion King. It will be going on sale starting October 13th with a limited quantity of guaranteed access available for each performance. Annual Pass holders and a guest of their choice can benefit from a special 15% discount available at City Hall (Disneyland Park) or by calling the Booking Office. Discount subject to limited quotas.

The service option will cost 15 ($17.40 USD) per person and launch price is subject to change. It will still give guest access unless their is a show cancellation, and a theme park ticket to Disneyland Paris is still required to see the show.

The venue at Frontierland Theater is equipped with a 360-degree audio systemequivalent to three times the audio system of an Imax theatre which puts guests right in the center of the action. It is the fourth theatre in the world to be equipped with this type of audio system.

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Source: Disney


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