Tokyo Disney Resort Will Be Opening A Toy Story Themed Hotel Coming In 2021

If you have been following the recent developments for the Tokyo Disney Resort that are owned by the Oriental Land Co., Ltd and in which a lot of investment is going into the resort as part of their multi-year expansion plans.


Source: (©Disney•Pixar)

Today, the company announced that a brand new hotel is coming towards the resort based off the fan favorite franchise from Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story” opening up in fiscal 2021. This will be the second Toy Story-themed hotel coming towards the resort, and the first one was built when Shanghai Disneyland opened up in 2016. The name of the resort has not been announced yet.

This new hotel is planned in addition towards the luxury hotel for the Tokyo DisneySea expansion in 2022 and the expansion next door, at Tokyo Disneyland in 2020. Here’s the details for how large the new hotel is going to be:

“The hotel plans to have about 600 rooms across 11 floors, a restaurant, and a Disney shop. It’s not said specifically, but the hotel sounds like it’s a value-type resort with it described as a “casual resort stay at a reasonable price.”



Location of the Toy Story Hotel. Source: (©Oriental Land Co. Ltd/©TDR Explorer)

The Toy Story themed-hotel will cost 31.5 billion yen (about $276 million USD) which is about the same cost of what the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel was.

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Source: TDR Explorer



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