Universal Studios Japan Gets An Official Opening Date For Super Nintendo World And More Details

The world of the popular gaming company of Nintendo has gotten some new details in regarding the highly anticipated Super Nintendo World that is coming to Universal Studios Japan that will be just in time before the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020. The announcement was first made back in 2016 for the teams at Nintendo and Universal Creative will be bringing the immersive worlds and characters to life that, will be opening up first at Universal Studios Japan.

Super Nintendo World will be a highly immersive world like nothing done before. Source: (© Universal Studios)

During Comcast’s 2019 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles and where Chairman and CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, Tom Williams was interviewed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Jessica Jean Reif Cohen. Williams gave some updated information about Super Nintendo World and Universal Parks & Resorts all around the world. Universal Beijing was not discussed further during the interview call at the time of the conference.

Nintendo fans can get excited for Super Nintendo World officially opens up in Spring 2020 as promised before the Tokyo Summer Games when Nintendo and Universal partnered in 2015. The brand new area will have two attractions for Super Mario Kart and a reportedly an omnimover type of ride system for Yoshi’s Adventures.

Rumored track layout for Yoshi’s Adventures drawn up by Alicia Stella from Orlando Park Stop. Source: (© OrlandoParkStop)

Super Nintendo World will be three leveled within the land’s environment and where Williams did discuss further about the expansion’s technology-

“The whole land is interactive, and you are going to have a wristband that’s got the big red Mario symbol on it,” Williams said. “By the way, the wristband is super cool. It’s all magnetic. You slap it at your wrist and it just snaps on and it won’t come off.” 

“It’s a whole new separate area of the park,” said Williams. “It’s got food. It’s got merchandise.”

A very interesting element that Williams said that the wristband will able to keep track score within the expansion and it’s attractions and also another plausible detail of scorekeeping in which “back with your game console so you can build on it and come back again.” This could meaning anything with owners of the Nintendo Switch, an app based system on your phone, or a new technology we have never seen before?

Mario Kart is the other confirmed attraction coming to Universal Studios Japan. Source: (© Nintendo)

Many other theme park fans in the community are assuming that Super Nintendo World will be part of Epic Universe as Universal Orlando’s newest theme park as the announcement was made last month in which you can read the full details here.

The only two confirmed Universal Parks in the world getting the gaming expansions for Nintendo are Universal Studios Japan and recently Universal Studios Singapore as well, those details can be read upon here too.

Source: (© Nintendo)

Super Nintendo is being planned for the United States but, Williams didn’t discuss when Orlando and Hollywood’s Nintendo expansions will being opening up for those timelines. He did say that creating a new land or park from an idea towards opening takes a process time frame of 5-6 years.

If you missed the audio interview and you can check it out here on SeekingAlpha’s site.

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Source: Attractions Magazine IGN Orlando Sentinel





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