Brand New Character Costumes Created For Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary

Entertainment is the center core of what makes up Disney Parks with that added magical touch towards it. As the resort has expanded it’s franchises from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar and more. More than 200 shows have been developed and produced by Disneyland Paris’ entertainment department since April 12th, 1992.

Source: (© Disney)

As like any major Disney Park anniversary as guests favorite characters will be getting their own specialty costumes with Mickey and Minnie and rest of their friends. More than 33-characters in total will have a procession down Main Street U.S.A.

The costumes were shared from the resort’s vice president, David Duffy. Mickey and rest of his friends will also be wearing these costumes that will be part of the new daytime show and can check out down below!

Here’s the images that were released from Disney:

And if you missed the previous 30th anniversary announcements and can check down below as well to.

Their is so much look towards ahead for the big 30th anniversary celebration and stay tuned when it officially kicks off on March 6th, 2022!

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Source: Disney


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