What To Expect At Halloween Horror Nights 27 At Universal Studios Hollywood & Orlando

Formally and first off to address that even though everyone’s focus isn’t about Halloween events or the theme parks and wishing everyone in the central Florida area for Orlando and rest of the state to stay safe and secure during this troubling storm for Hurricane Irma. Stay somewhere with your family or friends and stay up to date from weather officials and experts with the proper supplies to ride this storm or have evacuated far from it. Myself and everyone has Florida in their thoughts to let Irma blow over. 

Universal Parks & Resorts- One of the most extremely popular and prestigious Halloween events at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort for their long run event for Halloween Horror Nights 27, kicks off this next coming weekend on September 15th. With more extensive nights and 34 nights from September 15th-November 4th, 2017 in which gives the fans more time for scares and terrors for this long and beloved event.

With all the announcements been officially announced and your questioning in which event you wanna do this year in either you’re a local or a visiting visitor with so many choice options, here’s a small comprehensive guide of what you can expect for both parks in California and Orlando. This all includes the intellectual property, original houses, exclusives, and many more for the event.

So let’s sink our knives in, shall we?

First off in which both California and Orlando share the same line up for Halloween Horror Nights this year but, there are some things that are different for this year about the line up between coasts. We’ll begin with Universal Studios Hollywood first and then make our way over towards Universal Orlando Resort second.


Universal Studios Hollywood:

Intellectual Property Houses

The Shining: Based off the thriller horror/psychological novel from Stephen King and adaption by Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” will take guests upon the twisted and delusional mind of Jack Torrance as the housekeeper of the famous Overlook Hotel and combination of highlighting some of the most remembered scenes from the film. Including the REDRUM door, the carpet, the Grady Twins, room 237, and many more of what the creatives done by Executive Director/Producer, John Murdy and Creative Art Director, Chris Williams has this challenging house in store for the fans this year.

This was the most very difficult house to adapt this year and so much was highly at stake of how Murdy and Williams were going able to pull it off this year for this year’s event. Check out the trailer down below to get a sense of how much this wasn’t easy to pull off.


American Horror Story: Based on the highly and critically acclaimed, anthology series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk that is currently running its seventh season for American Horror Story: Cult on the FX Channel. This series has been very highly anticipated from the fans and was delivered at last year’s Halloween Horror Nights as a 2-part phase line up based on the popular series. Last year was based on Seasons- Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel.

This year will be only focusing on the season for American Horror Story: Roanoke for Universal Studios Hollywood as guests will take a step back in time and try to survive the long-lost and forgotten colonists of the Roanoke colony underneath the Red Blood Moon. Escape and face your fears of the Butcher, the Piggy Man with the fellow colonists, and the Polk family.

Check out the trailer of this beloved horror/drama/suspenseful series:


Ash vs. Evil Dead: Grab your boomsticks and chainsaws, best kegs of beer, and slay demons with Ash Williams based on the popular horror, cult-classic films from the 1980’s of “Evil Dead” and now this year from the STARZ television series of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Join Ash and his fellow crew of slaying blood thirsty and demonic demons as Ash “once again” let the demons out again in reading from the book of dead through a drunken spill. The maze this year will be based on first two seasons of the television series as you will be taken through some of the most favorite scenes and sets throughout the series, even the famous “The Cabin”.

Party on! with Ash Williams and check out the trailer down below:


Saw: The Games of Jigsaw: Let the games begin as this year the criminal mastermind of booty traps of the “Jigsaw Killer” comes and lets guests witness some of the most gruesome traps built by himself.  This year in which guests will be immersed in the world of the killer based on the upcoming film release of “Jigsaw” coming towards theaters next month on October 27th, 2017. Here’s the official description in which Universal released of what guests can expect:

“Jigsaw’s return in our brand new haunted house—SAW: The Games of Jigsaw—allows us to place our guests into the twisted situations that fans of the film series have grown to love throughout the years. And while there are nods to the Halloween Horror Nights 19 house, make no mistake:  this is not that house.”

“Also, placing the house in a different location this time around gave us another way to elevate the scares. SAW: The Games of Jigsaw functions as one large trap. You’ll be funneled through claustrophobic, visceral experiences and be a part of the most terrifying “games” ever devised on-screen. Trials that you may be familiar with and some that are completely unknown to you— sounds fun.”

A brand new trap will be featured in the house in the film’s release next month and pre- cautious if you want to avoid any spoilers and go in completely blind. Check out the trailer down below:


The Horrors of Blumhouse: Founder/CEO and Los Angeles native, Jason Blum who you probably heard some of his most recognizable films ranging from the “The Purge”, Insidious series, “Sinster”, and one his most summer blockbuster hits and recent release of “Get Out”. This year in which he is working with Universal Studios Hollywood for the event and with Executive Director, John Murdy in bringing a total mashup catalog of some his fan favorite horror released films. This year by Blumhouse Productions to be featured at Halloween Horror Nights will be- “Sinster”, “The Purge”, and “Happy Death Day” to be released on the famous day of Friday the 13th, next month in October.

Here’s the official description for The Horrors of Blumhouse:

“Blumhouse Productions is responsible for producing some of the creepiest movies over the last two decades. There is a wealth of content to use and we’re packing every inch of the house with something invasive, something wicked, and something that wants our souls…something altogether Blumhouse.”

“The advantage to creating a house with multiple properties living inside its decaying walls is each scene is a completely different world. What tie the scenes together are the otherworldly themes that run in all of the films. The characters that roam the house are terrifying yet gorgeous in design. From Bughuul (Mr. Boogie) and to the Red Faced Demon, you’ll get the chance to see them face-to-face. We’re ripping the most terrifying scenes out the creepiest movies from the Blumhouse vault and dropping you into the middle of the action.”

The Insidious series even thought it’s created and owned by Blumhouse Productions will be a separate house including the release of Chapter 4, that is set to hit theaters on January 2018 to be part of this year’s Halloween Horrors Nights 27.

Here’s the official description for this year’s maze for Insidious at Universal Studios Hollywood:

“The creepy new maze will delve deep into brilliant parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainer’s past, starting with a childhood in which her paranormal abilities emerged…until her mother’s untimely death by a demonic entity. Troubled by a lifetime of evil supernatural spirits trapped in the Further—a vacuous netherworld caught between the living and the dead—Elise will take guests on an unsettling journey back in time through a portal into the Further to defy the most depraved and intimidating beings that have tormented her since the 1950s.”

Check out the two trailers down below from Blumhouse Productions “Horrors of Blumhouse” and Insidious: 


The Titans of Terror Tram:

Everyone’s favorite Good Guy doll “Chucky” is back this year with something totally brand new for the event. Chucky is hosting the terror tram which is the overlay for the event of the Universal Studios Tram Tour and bringing some of the most famous in horror and the pop culture world. Here’s the official description for this year’s Terror Tram:

“Taking terror to an unspeakable level of bloodcurdling screams, The Titans of Terror Tram Hosted by Chucky will transport guests into a nightmare of carnage pitting you against these four modern horror icons, this time led by infamous serial killer doll Chucky (Child’s Play franchise). With his faithful army of degenerate chainsaw-wielding Good Guy Dolls, Chucky will unleash havoc upon guests as they navigate a portion of the world-famous backlot”

Check out the trailer down below of what you can expect and what Chucky is bringing towards the table:


Scare Zones-

All the scare zones to be featured at this year’s event at Universal Studios Hollywood are all original in generally where some are based of a certain IP like “The Purge” last year based off the 3rd film in the series. Here’s what original scare zones you can expect for the event:

Urban Inferno:

“Take your chances and all Hell-fire and Brimstone as it sends you and a journey through Hell. There you’ll find Mad Monks, Burnt Lost Souls, Half-Goat Executioners, and Blacksmiths forging the chains of Purgatory. Watch our for Satanic demons, especially the towering King and Queen.” 


“It’s trick or treating time in the big city in the worst possible way. Witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and undead children, have come out in droves to roam New York Street in celebration of Halloween. Be careful of stacks of jack-o-lanterns-they may be human heads.”

Toxic Tunnel:

“Utility workers were doing repairs inside the tunnel and accidentally burst a pipe with toxic gas. Hazmat teams were called in, but everyone has been infected by the gas and turned into zombie-like subhumanoids (as usually happens in this sort of situation). You just need to get past the crazed workers before the toxic gas turns you into a subhuman!”

Live Entertainment-

Jabbawockeez: The masked and breaking dancing group and highly voted in live entertainment of Jabbawockeez makes a return back again with a brand new show and theme this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27. Here’s the official description about the high energy and choreography group:

“Originating from the Westside of the galaxy light years away, the Jabbawockeez, have crash-landed on planet Earth and are now stranded in the 1950s. Feeling out-of-place from outer space, a musical journey ensues as they try to find a way back home. On this fantastic voyage through this strange land, the Jabbawockeez encounter a like-minded and masked character named Alize-unaware that this being they’ve just met may hold the key to the Jabbawockeez’ homecoming.”

Check out the trailer down below and what to expect from the group:


Now let’s hop on over towards the opposite coast for Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights and where most of the majority of the houses, scare zones, live entertainment are much bigger because of the space the resort takes up. Universal Orlando does not have the Terror Tram unlike Universal Studios Hollywood has, and again the line up is the same for the IPs but is different also has original houses created by the Universal Creatives. Here’s what the same and different from Universal Orlando for what you can expect for their event.


Universal Orlando Resort:

Intellectual Property Houses-

  • The Shining
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead
  • Saw: The Games of Jigsaw
  • American Horror Story (Will feature all last 3 seasons- Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke)
  • Horrors of Blumhouse (Insidious, “Sinster”, and “The Purge”). “Oujia” was originally considered to be part of the Blumhouse lineup for Orlando but, was cancelled last-minute due towards getting the rights or a creative decision from sources about the event.

The Conjuring was also considered to be part of this year’s event as the 6th house but, due towards the lawsuit of The Warrens and Warner Brothers it didn’t happen this year as part of the event’s wishlist. If the lawsuit is resolved then the property can be used for next year’s event and if not, something else can be taken over.

Scare Zones-

Universal Orlando’s scare zones will be a split of 2 to 2, and which are 2 IP-based and 2 originals. Here’s what the scare zones will be for this year:

  • Trick R’ Treat, based off the Halloween/horror cult-classic to make sure guests to follow the rules of Halloween by Sam that will be located in the Central Park zone of the park
  • The Purge, in which crime by the U.S. Government including murder is legal for 12 straight hours and is back a for a return by creator of Blumhouse Productions. This scare zone will be in the New York streets and will be both a scare zone and part of the “Horrors of Blumhouse”
  • Invasion!, Witness a crash landed UFO and an alien “Invasion!” has occurred they have been here to learn about the human race or may across yourself of becoming a human experiment by the alien scientist. This will be located in the San Francisco zone part of the park
  • Altars of Horror, This will be brand new for this year and which something Universal is doing something pretty cool for their fans. They are taking larger than life characters and let them create their own scare zone and sounds like it will be based from each of the IP houses at the event.
  • Roaming Hordes, Even though this isn’t a scare zone but, these will be the extras of roaming hordes and this time will be clowns with chainsaws. Not happy of the clowns are portrayed of being scary in pop culture and they will make sure you will get your worst nightmare being face to face with them.


Original Houses- 

  • Scarecrow: The Reaping, An abandoned farmhouse since the great dustbowl of Nebraska in which guests will face of the Scarecrow guardians that have risen from the blood soaked soil to seek revenge
  • Hive, Take upon 1980s vampires and everything you know them and flush it down the toilet. These Nosferatu type of animalistic vampires are blood thirsty and vicious and makes you wanna take your date all the way towards the exit!
  • Dead Waters, The Voodoo Queen makes an absent return in this original house and to see the skeletal remains of her victims and a sunken riverboat in the bayou.
  • The Fallen, You became involved in middle of a cross fire battle between the battle of good and evil and where you will encounter scare actors and creatures flying across. The set design of beauty, decay, high screech, and deep roar will be you in front of the action.

Check out all the trailers for the original houses down below and which one you’re looking forward in attending your fears up against.


Live Entertainment-

Universal Orlando holds two nightly time entertainment shows for the whole season of Halloween Horror Nights. This year will be return of the crazy and highly energized  choreography group of “Academy of Villains” with a brand new theme from the group called “Afterlife”. Unfortunately for this year and the final year will be the long run and pop culture dudes of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure”.

This show has been running for the past 26 years of different genres of live music and entertainment with erotic current events in the pop culture world. This will be your final “Farewell Tour” to see and hang with the dudes from the Wyld Stallyns to rock out with your air guitars too.




Universal Orlando loves to have their own icon or like a mascot for their event for Horror Nights but, their was no icon officially announced like their past and long tradition of having them. They do have a theme this year and is some sort like the Day of Dead the Dead festival but, called “Festival of the Deadliest”. Check out the clip down below for it:

Of course Halloween Horror Nights wouldn’t be completed without going home with their merch items and here’s a preview of it on their official store site, here and their blog here.



If you’re considering on going to Halloween Horror Nights many times, consider using their Frequent Fear pass and acts like a seasonal pass for the whole season of the event for Universal Orlando. General admission, RIP Tours, Behind the Screams Tours, front of the line passes can be all read upon on the Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando site for more information about it. Links are provided down below:

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Tickets: Here

Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights Tickets: Here


This year’s line up is a solid line up and mixed variety of how you wanna plan and spend your night at the Universal Parks & Resorts at either Hollywood or Orlando. With so many choice options and how you wanna tackle it, the choice is all towards you and to scream your lungs out and mostly importantly, have fun!

For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com


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