Super Nintendo World Is Officially Heading Towards Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe In 2023

Universal Orlando has been in the long working process in creating a new upcoming theme park that was announced last year in the summer and will be called Universal’s Epic Universe.When Steve Burke was the former NBCUniversal President and CEO, in which he did tease a fourth coming theme park for Universal’s Epic Universe back in 2018 and those details can be read upon here.

Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe is expected to open up some point in 2023. Source: (© Universal Orlando)

Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo long announced their partnership way before the announcement for Epic Universe for bringing the beloved gaming company and making video games into an immersive experience for Universal Studios Japan that will be ready in time for Tokyo’s Summer Olympic Games.

Universal during the Super Nintendo World press conference recently at Universal Studios Japan. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Recently in which Universal gave a big update for what guests can expect for Super Nintendo World in coming towards Universal Studios Japan in Osaka for an immersive and innovative experience to live your favorite video games from Mario Kart and Mario with his friends; Lugi, Princess Peach, Toad, Daisy and more.

In regards for Orlando in where Comcast execs re-confirmed that Super Nintendo World is officially heading towards Epic Universe from today’s investors call. As this news may sound not so surprising for those who have been following the development of this project for a while now. Comcast execs described Super Nintendo World as Universal Orlando’s “fourth gate” that includes the main three parks for Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay.

As it was shared just of last month in where site plans were filed for Epic Universe for Super Nintendo World for the internal codename, “Project 904” of where it will be land as part of the new upcoming theme park.

“Nintendo, based on our research, is the biggest potential driver in attendance you can have in terms of intellectual properties,” said Comcast executives during the call. “It’s up there with Harry Potter, and in some of our parks, HP drives incremental attendance of 2 million people.”

Universal is likely to build a Super Nintendo World land at Universal Studios Hollywood in California and Universal Studios Singapore is also getting also expected to get Nintendo as well. Universal also didn’t confirm of what rides and attractions will be built for the Orlando theme park but, it seems pretty noticeable that we will be getting the similar attractions from Japan for Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Guests can choose a smart wristband in choosing their favorite Mario and friends characters coming to Universal Studios Japan. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Universal Parks & Resorts generated in $5.6 billion for revenue in 2019, versus their competition with Disney generated for revenue for $26 billion.

Expectations are very high and exciting with guest interest for bringing Super Nintendo World to life by Universal for their theme parks at the selected coming cities, in which are coming soon and can level up in playing along with guest favorite Nintendo characters.

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Source: Forbes


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